Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Literal Baby

So...we have known for a while that Rivers is a pretty literal kid.  Today, I learned more about that.

We were looking at her Wonder Woman book, and at the end is a picture of lots of DC superheroes including Batman, Superman, and of course, Wonder Woman (Rivers calls her Woman.)  Anyway, she pointed at WW and said, "panties."  Then she did the same to Superman, Batman, and everyone else on the page who looked like they were in their undies.

Rivers is also very fond of being told "secrets."  If I say to Rivers that I want to tell her a secret, she runs over immediately, climbs up on me, and puts her ear to my mouth.  Usually I tell her I love her or to go tickle Daddy, but it's always something that's not really a secret.  After I told her the secret today, I said, "Rivers, now it's your turn to tell me one."  She looked me square in the face, then put her mouth to my ear and said, "Secret."  Having done what I asked of her, she climbed down and went to play.  Nice, huh?

Another instance is when I need to fix her hair or get to her back for something, I tell her to "come here and turn around."  She walks over in front of me and does a complete 360.  Then she looks at me like, "What?  You said turn around."

I love this kid.  I hope this literal thing is a phase because if you know me, you know that I'm NOT so much literal.  My favorite jokes all involve puns.

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  1. How funny?! It reminds me of Zach, the 29 year old that he is, and will just dance and wiggle in place when I him to MOVE!