Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today had some real highlights.

1.  Rivers and I went to the park to meet our friends, Katy and her daughter Sara.  The whole way there, Rivers sat in her chair in the backseat and said, "My friend Sara," over and over.  I said, "Rivers, we are also going to see Sara's momma.  Do you remember her name?"  She said, "Katy," in such a manner that I instantly felt ridiculous for having asked.  Once at the park, Rivers played on the slides and swing, and she had so much fun.  It really is amazing to me what she is able (and willing) to do on her own.

2.  A couple of weeks ago, we went to Grand Prairie for my Aunt LeAnn's birthday party.  (I'm pretty sure there's a video of Rivers with some balloons on Chisum's fb page.)  Anyway, I think Rivers has developed a little crush on my cousin JP.  All the way home and for days after the party, she asked about him.  This Saturday is a party for my Mammaw's 82nd birthday.  I told Rivers we were going and who we would see there, including my Aunt LeAnn and Uncle Jeff.  Rivers immediately looked me right in the face and asked, "And JP?"  I told her I don't know if he will be there, but I sure hope he is able to make it because I think my little girl will be disappointed if he isn't.

3.  We Skyped with Daddy tonight.  Not just me this time.  Rivers said she wanted to "call Daddy, call Chisum," so I told her we could call him AND see him.  I sat her in my lap at the desk, and once he was in front of her, she said "Kiss!" and went for the screen.  (Here's where I have to tell you that my computer is kind of ghetto.  I broke the screen on our laptop, so it is on the desk but hooked up to a different monitor.  So, when Skyping, I am actually not looking at the camera because it is on the laptop and the monitor is about a foot to the left.)  Once I showed the camera lens to Rivers, she proceeded to climb up on the desk and kiss the lens for Daddy at least 10 times.  It was adorable.

4.  I have been trying some new recipes for Chisum and me so that we can eat a little healthier.  He bought me a low GI cookbook for my birthday or Christmas, and I skimmed through it and thought the recipes would all be gross and not taste good.  So far I have only tried two of them, but they are, without a doubt, two of the best things I have ever cooked for myself.  If all the rest are comparable, I think I can handle this low GI stuff.

5.  Our tax refund is here!  That means painting and new carpet for the house!  Yay!  (Chisum is not as thrilled about this as I am, but I hope that he likes it when it's done.)

Anyway, that's all for today, but I am indeed looking forward to Chisum getting home tomorrow and our visit to Grandmother and Granddaddy's on Friday.  That should give me some happy things to write about.


  1. Rivers - JP isn't all that he's cracked up to be! I'm so much better...and I'm sure you'll figure that out someday!! :)

  2. Yeah, but he's a boy... She also had a little "crush" on Chisum's friend Mark. Weird how little girls do that.