Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You know, it's funny...

I should be tired.  I should be really tired.  I should be insanely tired.  But I'm not.  It's 11:27 pm, and I'm not close to tired.

Today, Rivers decided to let us sleep a little later than usual; she woke up sometime before 6.  Chis and I both heard her at about 6 in her crib, just talking away.  She wasn't crying or yelling or screaming; she was just making noise because she could.  She is such a happy baby in the mornings.  (She's really such a happy baby most of the time, but she's teething right now, so the happy baby comes and goes.)  She got up, and I fed her while Chisum ate breakfast and we drank our coffee.

When Chisum left for work, Riv went back down for her morning nap...only she didn't.  I thought it would be good to nap with her today since I was really tired from staying up last night, so I set my alarm and we got in the bed.  Everything was great until...Daisy decided to join us.  Only Daisy didn't want to join "us;" Daisy wanted to join me.  She jumped up on the bed and before I could even push her away, she was trying to lay down on the baby!  But I did push her away quickly, and Rivers didn't even wake up...that time.  Very soon, Daisy was back again and again and again.  Finally, all of the rustling about was too much for Riv to take, and she opened her eyes, looked at me, and grinned the biggest grin.  I guess she thought it was funny that Daisy wanted to smother her, and I succumbed to the idea that there would be no nap this morning.

Since there was no napping, I decided to sit Riv up on the bed propped up with pillows and get ready to go to Walmart.  (Rivers needed diapers and baby food, so I had planned us an adventure.)  Anyway, I only got my face washed before she had tipped over on the bed and wanted me to hold her and cried until I picked her up.  So I had the experience today of putting makeup on mostly one-handed.  And surprise!  I did it.  Once I got Riv fed, cleaned up, and dressed it was time to head to town.

We got to Walmart, and I thought for sure that Rivers would sleep while I pushed her around in her stroller.  Wrong!  She played with her little elephant and her feet the entire time we were there, and was just such a good baby.  As we were leaving, I decided to stop by Sam's Club which is next to Walmart.  Pushing Riv around in there usually gets her to sleep.  Wrong again!  I got a drink and sat down before we left, and just as I was getting up to leave, I looked down to find her asleep in her stroller.  And she slept for the next 20 minutes that it took to get home.  She woke up the second I pulled into our parking spot.

I had a tough time getting her to nap this afternoon too, but she finally did for about an hour.  I did laundry and cleaned the kitchen before Chisum got home.  When he got home, we played with the baby, Chisum practiced his presentation on me, I cooked dinner and made cupcakes (for my birthday cake), and we ate while I fed Rivers.  Then it was baby bathtime, then rocking baby to sleep, then cleaning the kitchen, then this.

Now I'm incredibly tired, but I'm not exactly sleepy.  Perhaps I will go lie down and see if sleep comes.  Funny how I've all of a sudden got Hamlet in my head, and I'm missing my job...and my "kids"...and my friends...and my literature...  Funny how quickly things change when you feel like time is dragging on.  Funny how I'll be 30 on Friday, and I can't figure out where all of that time went.  Funny how all I did was write about my day to come to this conclusion.*

*This conclusion in no way means I'm not totally and completely satisfied with my life.  I am blessed beyond what I ever should have been with my loving husband, amazing daughter, wonderful family, and friends.  I think I'm just having that "I'm about to be 30 freak-out" that I hear some people go through...