Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flora or Fauna?

Rivers and I had a wonderful day!  I cleaned both bathrooms while she napped this morning.  That sense of accomplishment allowed me to feel I could play a little bit afterward.  When Rivers woke up, I tried both of her Halloween costumes on her.  She has two because about 98% of her attire has been hand-me-downed (it's a verb) to her.  Rivers is lucky enough to have three older girl cousins all within about two years of her age; therefore, we won the lottery on baby girl clothes which is super-awesome because baby clothes are EXPENSIVE!  Baby shoes are even worse!  I have taken a liking to consignment sales and stores, and soon, I intend to make her some clothes with my rapidly increasing sewing skills and my trusty sewing machine.

But I digress.  We tried on two costumes, one--a purple flowery thing, and two--Tenderheart Bear from the CareBears.  Now, of course I was not attempting to get my almost-five-month-old daughter choose her own costume because, let's face it, that's crazy.  I was, however, trying to see which one made her look the cutest.  But that was also ridiculous because, have you seen my baby?  She looks cute when her hand-me-down-already-been-through-three-children onesie is covered with breastmilk, cereal, and squash!  It's impossible not to love her!  (I'm not biased at all either.)  Anyway, all of this is to say that, when I tried the costumes on her, there was definitely one she preferred.  I'll let you take a look and see if you can determine the winner.

You guessed it--the flower thing wins!

And I have to admit, I was a little disappointed.  Tenderheart Bear, while not my favorite CareBear (it was Cheer Bear), was a blast from my past.  CareBears were something I enjoyed when I was a kid, and it would have been cool to share that liking with my daughter even though she's still a baby.  Seeing her in that little furry brown suit brought back some good memories for me.  I thought of my big pink Cheer Bear and some coloring books I had.  (And did I ever love to color!  I must have had about 100 coloring books.  Talk to my mom sometime if you think I'm kidding.)  I think I might also have had some CareBear paperback books and perhaps a video.  That's right, a VHS cassette tape.

Anyway, I'm not complaining about Rivers' "choice," and I know she's more comfortable in the flower outfit, and that's really all that matters to me.  It was just nice to be able to remember something from when I was a kid.  As I grow older, those reminiscences happen less and less.  So I'll take my daughter out on Halloween dressed as some sort of floral thing, and I'll be happy to do it.  I won't resent in the least her disdain for one of my favorite pieces of my childhood because as I said earlier, have you seen my baby?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy, Busy

So, last weekend Chisum, Rivers, and I went down to Corpus for Forrest and Jenny's wedding. It was a tremendously long drive, but we made it there and back in one piece. (Thank you to my amazing husband for driving the entire way.) The wedding was a great celebration, and I want to welcome my new sister, Jenny, to the Womack family! Back to the trip. I thought that it would be easier if Rivers would take a bottle for the drive, and--voila--she did! I finally found a bottle that worked for her. She does still only like fresh milk, but that's the next thing we'll try to overcome.

After a fairly uneventful weekend at home, we are gearing up for another crazy week. Next week, Chisum is flying Sunday to South Carolina for some training for his work, so rather than stay here by ourselves, Rivers and I are going to make the rounds. On Thursday, I am driving Rivers, Daisybob the cat, and myself to Mt. Pleasant to spend the night with my parents. (Daisybob is coming with us because of fleas that were apparently in our apartment before we moved in, but that's another story.) On Friday, Rivers, Momma, and I are meeting my sister, sis-in-law (s?), cousin, and aunt in Canton to brave the crowds for First Monday. (Oddly enough, First Monday is an entire weekend, beginning on Thursday before the first Monday of the month, hence its name.) Friday after Canton, Rivers and I are going to Eustace to spend the night with my in-laws. Then we will head back to Tyler to pick up my mom and drive back to Mt. Pleasant where we will spend most of the week.

That sounds like only a crazy couple of days, but it all begins today. I have to go to the grocery store, clean this house, bathe the cat, do the laundry, pack for myself, and pack for the baby all before we leave on Thursday, so it must begin today. Packing for myself will take approximately 1/2 of a suitcase and 20 minutes; packing for Rivers will take the other 1/2 of my suitcase, a diaper bag, a travel bag, a pack-n-play, bathtub, stroller, toys, food, etc..........and about 2 days, so again, I have to start today.

I guess I best get to it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is my first attempt at a personal blog. I hope it doesn't suck.

In an effort to have a non-sucky blog, I suppose I should introduce us. I'm Erin, my husband is Chisum, and our 4 1/2 month old daughter is Rivers.

Chisum and I had pretty similar upbringings. Our families are both fun, friendly, Christian people who have the best of intentions for themselves and everyone they know. Though Chisum's family is Catholic and my family is Protestant, they have incredibly similar values, and those were instilled in us both when we were brought up. Chisum and I both had some bumpy roads in our pasts, but God saw that we would help each other, and he did all he could to bring us together. (Interestingly enough, I think Chisum and I were fighting God for much of the time. Ask us how we got together sometime; it's an interesting story. Or maybe I'll write about it...) Anyway, Chisum and I did eventually get together, and then we were inseparable. Chisum was the missing part of my soul, and I daresay I was his, and we haven't been apart since.

We got married, and about 4 months ago, had a baby. Rivers is the light of our life. She is so incredibly special! She is smart, funny, amazingly beautiful, and really fun. (Of course I'm not biased at all...) We have been having the best time with her. After a shaky entrance into the world, Rivers has blossomed into such a lovely little lady. She smiles and laughs, plays and learns, and keeps every day interesting for us. Recently she has begun "helping" us change her diapers. This means that as soon as I lay her down, she grabs her feet and puts her toes in her mouth, and thus, her butt in the air. She's probably thinking this is the easiest way for me to get the new diaper under her and get her old one off, which is true. Then, however, it's necessary to actually put the new one on. Not so easy when she won't put her feet and butt down out of the air, but whatever, she thinks it's funny, and so it is. She has also just started to eat cereal in addition to nursing. This is an adventure because all she wants to do is hold the spoon herself and chew on it. Kind of makes it hard to get any cereal into her. All this I don't mind because she is a blessing of immense proportions.

Right now we are living in Irving, Texas. I am not currently teaching but staying at home with Rivers, and I fully realize how blessed I am to have the opportunity to do this. I hope that every mother has the chance to stay home with her child or children. I wouldn't trade anything for the experiences I get to have with Riv every day. Chisum is working for Purvis Industries and is currently in their training program. Around April of next year, we will be moving to Tyler, Texas, so that Chisum can take his job in outside sales. Until then, we're just hanging in and doing what we can to make ends meet.

So that's pretty much it for Chisum, Rivers, and me. We're one happy little family and what we are now is a far, far better thing than what we ever could have imagined for ourselves. Thank you, God, for that.