Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flora or Fauna?

Rivers and I had a wonderful day!  I cleaned both bathrooms while she napped this morning.  That sense of accomplishment allowed me to feel I could play a little bit afterward.  When Rivers woke up, I tried both of her Halloween costumes on her.  She has two because about 98% of her attire has been hand-me-downed (it's a verb) to her.  Rivers is lucky enough to have three older girl cousins all within about two years of her age; therefore, we won the lottery on baby girl clothes which is super-awesome because baby clothes are EXPENSIVE!  Baby shoes are even worse!  I have taken a liking to consignment sales and stores, and soon, I intend to make her some clothes with my rapidly increasing sewing skills and my trusty sewing machine.

But I digress.  We tried on two costumes, one--a purple flowery thing, and two--Tenderheart Bear from the CareBears.  Now, of course I was not attempting to get my almost-five-month-old daughter choose her own costume because, let's face it, that's crazy.  I was, however, trying to see which one made her look the cutest.  But that was also ridiculous because, have you seen my baby?  She looks cute when her hand-me-down-already-been-through-three-children onesie is covered with breastmilk, cereal, and squash!  It's impossible not to love her!  (I'm not biased at all either.)  Anyway, all of this is to say that, when I tried the costumes on her, there was definitely one she preferred.  I'll let you take a look and see if you can determine the winner.

You guessed it--the flower thing wins!

And I have to admit, I was a little disappointed.  Tenderheart Bear, while not my favorite CareBear (it was Cheer Bear), was a blast from my past.  CareBears were something I enjoyed when I was a kid, and it would have been cool to share that liking with my daughter even though she's still a baby.  Seeing her in that little furry brown suit brought back some good memories for me.  I thought of my big pink Cheer Bear and some coloring books I had.  (And did I ever love to color!  I must have had about 100 coloring books.  Talk to my mom sometime if you think I'm kidding.)  I think I might also have had some CareBear paperback books and perhaps a video.  That's right, a VHS cassette tape.

Anyway, I'm not complaining about Rivers' "choice," and I know she's more comfortable in the flower outfit, and that's really all that matters to me.  It was just nice to be able to remember something from when I was a kid.  As I grow older, those reminiscences happen less and less.  So I'll take my daughter out on Halloween dressed as some sort of floral thing, and I'll be happy to do it.  I won't resent in the least her disdain for one of my favorite pieces of my childhood because as I said earlier, have you seen my baby?


  1. AAAAAAAAH!!!! That Fl'ar thang is SO EXCELLENT! Oh, I never saw anything that cute since stu was a tiny discalced carmelite! ADORABLE!!!!

    I can't wait to put the pic in a double frame with Ladybug Annie! ROFL!!!!

  2. Bring her by my house on Halloween! Mom and I will be passing out candy and would LOVE to see her!!!