Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy, Busy

So, last weekend Chisum, Rivers, and I went down to Corpus for Forrest and Jenny's wedding. It was a tremendously long drive, but we made it there and back in one piece. (Thank you to my amazing husband for driving the entire way.) The wedding was a great celebration, and I want to welcome my new sister, Jenny, to the Womack family! Back to the trip. I thought that it would be easier if Rivers would take a bottle for the drive, and--voila--she did! I finally found a bottle that worked for her. She does still only like fresh milk, but that's the next thing we'll try to overcome.

After a fairly uneventful weekend at home, we are gearing up for another crazy week. Next week, Chisum is flying Sunday to South Carolina for some training for his work, so rather than stay here by ourselves, Rivers and I are going to make the rounds. On Thursday, I am driving Rivers, Daisybob the cat, and myself to Mt. Pleasant to spend the night with my parents. (Daisybob is coming with us because of fleas that were apparently in our apartment before we moved in, but that's another story.) On Friday, Rivers, Momma, and I are meeting my sister, sis-in-law (s?), cousin, and aunt in Canton to brave the crowds for First Monday. (Oddly enough, First Monday is an entire weekend, beginning on Thursday before the first Monday of the month, hence its name.) Friday after Canton, Rivers and I are going to Eustace to spend the night with my in-laws. Then we will head back to Tyler to pick up my mom and drive back to Mt. Pleasant where we will spend most of the week.

That sounds like only a crazy couple of days, but it all begins today. I have to go to the grocery store, clean this house, bathe the cat, do the laundry, pack for myself, and pack for the baby all before we leave on Thursday, so it must begin today. Packing for myself will take approximately 1/2 of a suitcase and 20 minutes; packing for Rivers will take the other 1/2 of my suitcase, a diaper bag, a travel bag, a pack-n-play, bathtub, stroller, toys, food, etc..........and about 2 days, so again, I have to start today.

I guess I best get to it.


  1. Isn't it crazy how much stuff one little person requires?
    We're looking forward to seeing y'all!
    Corpus was fun, no? It was so great to see all you kids together, and the girls dancing was the best!
    See you this weekend!

  2. My mom blessed us by getting all of the baby stuff for her house. It's very easy to go visit there (I think that was her plan). It's a huge pain to pack for my in-law's house, so I know how you feel. What really stinks is when the kids are going to be "transferred" between my parents and my in-laws...I STILL have to pack my whole house but only for half of their trip! I guess in that case I should just be happy to have some time to myself.