Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So, Rivers likes my Tension Tamer hot tea.  (Don't worry; it's caffeine free, and I used Splenda.)  This afternoon, after her nap, I was having a cup of tea while we were on the balcony blowing bubbles and playing with her "bike."  Rivers kept demanding a "sip" of my tea.  Before she took a huge gulp, I told her it was warm, but it wasn't hot.  She said, "Warm?", and I nodded.  So she got a big gulp, and then looked at me and loudly said, "HOT!"  I asked if she thought it was too hot, and her reply was, "Yes, hot."  So as I was putting the cup on top of the shelf and out of the way, she said, "More!"  I said, "You thought that was too hot, but you want more?"  She said, "Yes," and that "yes" was loaded with an incredible amount of "duh."  I guess I should have known.

Rivers got in trouble this afternoon.  There were stubborn cries and screams and a couple of tiny swats on her rear and more stubborn screams.  It was absolutely ridiculous.  In hindsight, the whole thing was stupid, but I had already passed the point of backing down and clearly, she wasn't going to either.  After all was said and done, I had a sweet, clingy, little girl with a tear-stained face sitting in my lap.  I was explaining to her why she had gotten in trouble.  As I was talking to her, I think I was saying something like, "It really breaks my heart when you choose not to mind me.  When I ask you to do something..."  And I never finished the sentence.  Because just then, Rivers reached up with both of her hands, pulled my head down and kissed my forehead.  She knew I loved her and had already forgiven her behavior...either that or she knew I'd quit talking.  I have my doubts which.  She's that smart.

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