Friday, December 3, 2010

If I Had a Picture Collage

Of Texas A&M University, it would include:

  • The MSC Flag Room from back in the day, where I watched some of the football games I left early when I was about to pass out from the heat, and yes, I'm a 2 %er.  But at least I still got to see the ends of those games on campus on a big screen.
  • O&M because I had quite a few classes in there when I was a geology major, and the view from that observatory is absolutely breathtaking. ( BTW, so is the hike up the stairs to get to it.)
  • Halbouty for many reasons.  1)  I got lost in that building more times than I can count.  For some reason, the stairs of the addition do not meet up with the same floors of the old building.  It's crazy.  2)  I fell down the stairs in there on my 19th birthday while carrying a plate and a cup, and I didn't spill anything.  3)  I remember having to do a scavenger hunt during my geology lab.  And 4) Its name has always made me laugh.
  • Blocker because that's where I worked for 3 and a half years of my college life.  The College of Science Dean's Office is (used to be?) located on the 5th floor, and I spent more hours than I can possibly count there.  Incidentally, that is where I gained my incredible empathy for many of the characters on "The Office."
  • FHK.  When I was a sophomore I spent a year in the dorms after living in an apartment with some high school friends.  They all ended up moving away, so I figured, hey, I'll just go potluck in a dorm.  It was fine.  My roommate was fine, just a little young.  (There's a huge difference in maturity between college sophomores and college freshmen.)  Anyway, I ended up meeting one of my dearest friends because after a literature class we had together, we always headed out in the same direction.  We chatted and discovered we lived in the same dorm and were both from East Texas.  Many years later, we ended up being roommates in a house, and she is still one of the best friends I have ever made.
  • Finally, Sbisa.  I have had many excellent meals in that cafeteria.  They were renovating it for the first half of the year I lived in the dorm, but once it opened, it was amazing.  I would stop in for breakfast after church on Sunday mornings, and I would eat there with Anna when we would need to catch up.  I also had a standing once-a-semester lunch with a friend from freshman year.  Sbisa was awesome.
That's it.  And thanks, Tiffany, what a great writing activity!  Anyone else want to post your A&M collage?

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  1. Love it! I'm sad, though, that the MSC flag room as we knew it is currently in the remodeling rubble. I'm also sad that so many Aggies are going through their college experiences without the MSC at all.